How to Get Pot Pile Aura in Epic The Game iPhone

In epic gameloft game, you simply play fun mini-games to get ultimate rewards that will be needed during the process of your buildings
Here, you must build your own kingdom while combating any incoming enemies trying to attack your city building

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For such reasons, you have to upgrade your soldier units and train them for having skills and abilities to defend your castle
By having more progresses, you can unlock many different units and structures that will help you grow your kingdom.

In order to get a good unit, you must team up with the Leafmen, an elite band of samurai-style warriors, and interact with the other characters of this game.

Therefore, you can build your kingdom and help the forces of good, who keep the natural world alive, and fight against the forces of evil, who wish to destroy the life force of the forest.

After building your own kingdom , you have to defend it by battling with enemies to protect your Jinn kingdom
In this part, you can defeat Boggan bosses with a final stand against their leader, Mandrake, in single-player campaign or PvE

Meanwhile, you must give various Leafmen units with some trainings to fight strategically in different battle locations, from Moonhaven all the way to the perilous Wrathwood

In the way of winning each battle, you will be able to connect with your friends and help them build their kingdom
You can also challenge other Leafmen armies that are built by players around the world, in friendly feats of strength in multiplayer of PvP battle mode online

In the case of Epic, the kingdom building will rely on establishing an instant tie between core characters and the player.
Many of the stars are active participants which will help you in the city mode with some goals and objectives that are waiting to be attained directing the overall gameplay progression.

During the play, you will have to be constantly assigned tasks such as creating or training troops that are then used in the game’s quasi turn-based combat.

You will be allowed to direct influence over the action, aside from selecting a unit configuration
The healing injured soldiers and gathering the materials dropped by dead adversaries will be the must to do.
There will be events that happen randomly throughout the battle, where you can collect for some valuable items for your units and kingdoms

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