How to Get Purple Bubble Stars in Better Than Portal iPhone

In better than portal game, you can collect stars during in the missions
Here, you will be able to create and to go into a space portal and escape to another one behind the enemy’s line.

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Meanwhile you will go through 4 unique environments of creative levels including Prehistoric, Ancient, Medieval and Modern with different environments and traps.
Moreover you will have to solve more than 48 clever puzzles that requires precise positioning and even strategy to get into the checking point and collect the stars that will be 1-3 stars per level.

Every environment has unique characteristics and many ways to solve the puzzle in which it will give you a complete freedom to advance your adventure the way you like.
So go to mission, collect stars through 4 chapters while solving clever puzzle in 60 levels.

You will be tasked to enter a life of various dimensions to infiltrate the enemy’s fortress and to stop the terrorist aiming to destroy everything so that you will work so hard to protect.

In this mission, you will get equipped with a special gun that creates portals, to go another dimension and go through an array of levels in several chapters.

All you will do is simply press the screen to ‘fire’ to create a portal.
Occasionally your fire will touch the ground by yourself to create a portal then another at the top to make a deep cavern
Therefore when you walk into the portal you then appear where the other portal is.

Thus once you have two portals, you can go from one to the other
And on some types of ground, you can create a portal that is on the side of a wall.

As having so much progresses through the game, you will encounter the level that will need you to employ all methods to reach the purple bubble, which is located at the far end of the map.

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