How to Get Cards and Gems in Puzzle and Dragons iPhone

In puzzle and dragon game, you must try to collect a card battle game and a match three puzzle game.
Here, you will have a party of up to six cards to build the most powerful party that you can

Puzzle and Dragons

Besides you have to match three or more those cards in the party to attack and defeat enemies, and progress through a number of stages as each one will be tougher than the last one.
Getting a combo of six gem will be more powerful than the five gem attack in which it is also to unleash an attack on all enemies as well.

Try to only use one gem to displace a same colored gem or multiple same colored gems simultaneously when dragging and moving a gem around as it will displace any gem to pass over by one space.
So you have to use this strategy to line up six in a row horizontally.

You can try using gem displacement to drag a gem all over the board randomly
Alongside you can also either displace every gem or set up multiple combo attacks at the same time.

After getting the more combos so try to use this strategy to give massive amounts of damage to enemies
Note that each individual combo will be more powerful if the more combos add up and multiple the damage for the opponents.

When getting a turn at the rare machine, a super rare high level card will be available for you to have so that you will have to take other cards out of your team to be fit into your deck.

To get the best strategy of battling with the other try to have a small team with powerful cards than to have a big team with weak cards.
By applying this circumstance more maximum card points to level up will be gained so it will be better to add other cards back in later.
In order to level up your leader card to sky high levels a power up fusion will be necessarily needed to do so.

By doing son you will gain some pal points as a reward On the other side having some high leader cards will give you advantage of having a chance of being added by other players to pick your leader card as their helper card

Thus just let them to choose your leader card more often as your leader will reach sky high or max level
It is caused by some players will like picking the highest leveled and most powerful helper card on the list so that everytime your leader gets picked, the more pal points you will get as well.

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