Clues to Solve Puzzle for Spiral Episode 1 iPhone

In spiral episode 1 game, you must look into the case and investigate the cause and force behind the Entropies.
Here, you will often chat with all the characters they encounter in a hope to discover any useful clue since the game incorporates puzzle solving elements.

spiral episode 1 tips

The city of this game will consist of a few places to visit, but there is some exploration to do if you want to get some extra xp.
Alongside, you can do running in that there are spots where you can hook and grapple onto to get to hard to reach places.

Tap a point to make the avatar walk over there
Tap, hold and slide to slowly move the avatar
When being in a combat, you can also tap anywhere on the map to make your character walk there.
Double tapping a spot will make you run there and dodge into that spot.
Tap on your avatar to make him stop moving or defending yourself.
Tap and hold will change the spot you touch into a vstick.
Double tapping and holding changes your touch-spot into a vstick while running.
Swiping around is camera controls or slide your finger across the screen to see around
Tapping and holding on yourself charges a shield to create a defensive blast to overcome any incoming. Tapping and swiping enemies will unleash various attacks and maneuvers.

Just tap an enemy for a light attack
Make a double tap for heavy attack
Simply hold for making a combo attack
Then tap the avatar itself to block all the nearby enemies.

Meanwhile, you will be armed with optical weapon that will transform into a pistol, double swords, or other forms automatically depending on the particular situation.

Note that there will be a stamina meter that can limit your attacking and defending ability
For such reasons, some minor strategy has to be included in your arsenal in order to take advantage of what you can and cannot do during the battle.

Furthermore, there will be 2 rings around your character that are separating each of the range zones namely near, far, ranged.
So if you attack an enemy from the innermost circle or near, Tempus, main character’s name will deliver some attacks with fast dual wield style and more combo oriented manner.

Try attacking an enemy standing in between the first and second circle or far, so that Tempus will use a spear which is a little slower than dual wielding, but he will make up for it a little by having a bit more range.

And attacking enemies outside the outer circle or ranged will make Tempus shoot enemies with a pistol.
As a result, you will be leveling up your character or you can increase your stat on how you play the game.
On the other side, you can allocate your stat points around to level up your character as well.

When upgrading your stats, each of your stats reaching a certain point will unlock more moves for your character.
Those moves will be counters, improved charged attacks, learn grabs and force push, or increased combo count.

On the way of completing each goal, you will go through 7 chapters and an arena mode in which the combat will take you to use different taps to make different combos
And this opens up later with more abilities and skills.

In addition, as you make a good progress, the enemies will also get tougher so you cannot just mindlessly tap
Therefore, you have to get some cool skills like the grab and throw or the special moves to perform some nice actions when fighting against enemies in the combat zone

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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