Gold Coins Cheats in Puzzle Knights iPhone

In puzzle knights mojaro game, you must win the battle to get gold cash and points to move on the next level
Here, you will be presented with some puzzles while making a battle plan, choosing which of three moves that you will make each turn.

puzzle knights tips

When being in the battlefield, all you have to do is just attack, block attacks, and counter an attack for half damage to survive any longer.
Remember that every move you make will take your stamina automatically in which if your stamina runs out, your attacks will start dealing half damage, blocks will become ineffective, and counters may not work as it is supposed to be.

For such reasons, doing better in the puzzle before each battle will increase the amount of stamina that you can bring to the fight scene.
Furthermore, this game will need currencies to be used to purchase special characters and some items available in this game

In line with that statements, you will have to struggle to win fights for having gold and experience.
After each match, experience points and in-game gold will be given to you as reward so that you can level up your knight and purchase better armor and weaponry from the in-app store.

Once collecting enough gold, you can use them to purchase better equipment and experience to increase your avatar’s level and raise the stamina cap as well.

On the other side, using those gold as well, you can unlock new characters and equipment that will help you in battle whereby these unlockable equipments will simply provide you stat boots.
Then, unlocking a new sword will help you increase more damage when getting involved in the battlefield.

Based on your avatar’s level, you will mostly need the points to max out your stamina
And, the limited moves and time restraints during the puzzle segments limit play styles
On the other side, maxing out one’s energy will end the puzzle automatically.

Doing right with the puzzle will take you to enter the combat phase.
Moreover, every time you complete the puzzle, you will earn stamina that you can use to plan your attack in the battle zone.

Every slot of your stamina can be filled with one of three options: Attack, Defend, or Counterattack. Thus, you will simply set the order you wish to perform each action and your knight will do exactly that order when having the battle with other players.

The gameplay consists of two portions that will be a match-three puzzle game and a rock-paper-scissors type of battle.
According to that lines, you will be taken to match gems of the same color so that it will power up your knights then send them to overcome your opponent in the battle with a set of attack moves that you plan out ahead of time.

In the matching of gems, you will merely swap the positions of two adjacent gems to make lines of three or more like-colored ones.
Then, to form a power gem, you must clear out four or more gems in one move so that you are be able to clear large amounts of gems quickly with a power gem.

Planning your attack well before going to battle will determine your victory
After planning your attack and move, you will be paired with another player’s character.
Furthermore, both characters will enter battle and start performing their list of commands in sequence.

Defend will help you block attacks.
Counterattack will help you counter an attack.
So, deliver your attack and move to dealt damage and lead you to become the winner.

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