How to Solve Puzzle to Wake up Gina in Runaway A Road Adventure on iPhone

In runaway a road adventure game, you must try to find the clues to solve each puzzle in which you will play as Brian helping Gina run away from the Mafia killers and going through six chapters, over 100 scenes and over 30 charismatic characters along the game.

runaway a road adventure guides

Every scene in this game will give you challenges to collect information and necessary objects, resolve many exciting puzzles, and interact with the characters to unfold the following story and continue the game.

By tapping on the screen, you can navigate the current character to move around the scene, visit other locations, or interact with hotspots and characters.

When having interaction with a hotspot, you can try to check a certain object on the scene and tap on the proper hotspot then select one of the two icons for an action.
Try to find what items you have discovered and learn more about them from the inventory list.

While exploring the scene, you can use the help system by pressing the question mark icon, and all active hotspots on the screen will be revealed in which you will still have to figure out a way to use them properly.

You need to pick up the package of pills “Snoozitol” and the cracked drinking glass on Gina’s bedside table.
Grab the hospital-green sheet from the empty bed next to Gina’s then look on top of the locker to take Gina’s bag for having some items for clues.

Get a box of matches “The Pink Iguana” inside the bag.
Enter the bathroom then get the bottle of 196-proof alcohol on a shelf over the sink and under the mirror.
Open the wastebasket by stepping on its lever, and pick up the jet-black marking pen then get back to the ward.

Try finding vademecum that is a pocket reference handbook, including some medical details in a filing cabinet located in a storeroom to the left of the ward

Take a blank medical chart on the top of the middle drawer and get the 2 big fluffy pillows from the floor to the left of the window.
Take the mannequin in the right hand corner then turn around and examine all the shelves carefully while picking up a can of “Presto” spray cleaner and an empty syringe from the box of syringes.

Get a blond wig from Gina’s bag and place the wig onto the head the mannequin.
Put the pillows, wigged head, and sheet onto the empty bed next to Gina’s bed, making a fairly realistic dummy there.

You need to do something with Gina’s medical charts.
Just fill in the blank chart you got from a storeroom with the marking pen but you have to get the pen worked firstly
Because of this, fill your syringe from your bottle of alcohol and moisten your marking pen with the alcohol in your syringe.

Then, write Toni Crabb appendicitis on the blank medical chart and exchange Toni’s fake medical chart for Gina’s one.
In inventory, look at the genuine chart belonging to Gina with her full name is Gina Timmins.
Place Gina’s medical chart into the holder at the end of the dummy’s bed.
Now enter the bathroom.

When mafia type enters, they will look at Gina’s chart and the dummy’s on the bed.
So they will shoot bullets straight into the dummy thinking it is Gina, and exit the room.

Afterward take Gina out in hurry then take a look at your vademecum to get a clue that is to wake somebody sleeping under the influence of “Snoozitol” is to put them under a cold shower.

For such reasons, you have to make an artificial rain from a fire alarm sprinkler on the ceiling.
To make it work, you must use your spray can on it and ignite it with your matches to make a flame thrower.

So it starts a fire and the sprinkler will automatically create a shower of water downwards
At this point, be sure to get the vademecum firstly to get the sprinkler worked successfully

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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