Money Diamonds Cards Cheats Puzzle Trooper iPhone

Inpuzzle trooper game, all you will do is to match tiles in the right order to get the best battle strategy
Here, you must control a team of troopers, match tiles, and deliver damage on enemies to get amount of diamonds and other items as well.

puzzle trooper tips

Each battle in this game will rely on how you match the tiles in that your troopers have different advantages and disadvantages when dealing with various enemies in the battlefield.

Meanwhile, you can also have specific troopers launch attacks only when tiles of that same element are matched together.
Every trooper will need a special attack that can be delivered based on how many tiles are matched.

You will go through levels on the campaign maps while meeting tough enemies such as waves of minions and sometimes a boss in each level.
Furthermore, the battle section will be displayed in a side-scrolling style in which you will no longer fight against enemies face-to-face.
Note that each battle will take energy and once out of energy, you will no longer challenge any level.

Throughout the game , you will be headed with match-3 puzzle in which you will not be confined to swapping two adjacent tiles to make one, or both of them in a line of three or more tiles of the same color.

However, you can move any tile to anywhere and swap that tile with every piece to form as many matches as possible to deal more damage on enemies.
Thus, it will test your skills to make the best assault with appealing than most match-3 titles.

And you can start your attack and move the balls in any direction on the puzzle grid to make combos to unleash the bigger the attack
You will be able to call in deadly Bomb Strikes to get your enemies beaten right away

The fighters of this game will appear in the form of cards that you can get through finishing battles. Moreover, those cards that you have collected will differ in rarity and levels

Although they do not gain experience over battles, they can level up and even evolve if players “feed” them with the best cards fit them.
If you want to get the rare advanced cards, you can do so by using premium currency.

Once collecting the best of them, you will be ready to conquer 6 continents with over 150 missions and test your mettle and skills against the bosses in Special Events missions for having some valuable bonus rewards and rare characters that are over 200 unique and wacky characters from 5 different factions

In addition you can also meet legendary troopers like Major Bone Jovi, Major Freddy Mercurie and Colonel Heidi Kloom for every match you have won through the game

Once winning each match, you have to upgrade your troopers into new units by using Upgrade materials so that your characters will also level up to make them stronger

Make an alliance in this game by inviting your friends or make friends in-game then you can use their Squad Leaders to help you solve your missions much easier

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