How to Get Extra XP in QuizUp to Answer Topics for iPhone

In quizup trivia game, you will have to level up as well as getting more xp
Here, you will also have to keep on matching on topics with other player to level up faster

quizup tips

Because of this, you will be granted with a bunch of XP for finishing off a match, win or lose either.
Either win or lose to move onto the next match then scroll down the results screen to get answer every single question during the match.

At this point, simply swipe left and right on the questions to review your answers and make sure to make any right choices the next time around.

This game will allow you to compete against each other, answering questions from number of popular topics available as well as a general list.

Select the Challenge option from the post-match screen, then send your friends a request to do battle in which you should select topics first including things like Arts, Geography, Logos, and Game of Thrones.

After selecting your topic, you will be matched with another player relied on your respective levels.
Afterwards, you will have to answer questions to gain some points.

Once each quiz getting answered correctly and winning the match, your points will be combined with a finish bonus, a power up bonus, and a victory bonus as well.
As a result, the total is the amount of experience points you have earned, raising your level.

Moreover, battles from the General Knowledge category will give you a chance of winning against your opponent whereby you have to select areas of expertise carefully

Some questions in this game will do cycle around every so often whereby you have to pay attention to any wrong answers you give before going to the next one.

Therefore, you have to take a time between answers to absorb the correct solution, and remember the answer for next time.
This game serves you with a total of 150,000 questions over a whopping 250 topics for having them answered correctly to get more xp.

It will also give you a challenge as you will face off against another player, either a friend you know who has challenged you or another player that the game matches you up against.

So just play whether either win or lose to collect score so that you can rank up in each category you compete in.

When choosing categories, you can take on topics like science, tech, history to individual musical genres, specific bands, various sports, video games etc.

In addition, you will by vying to level up and to get xp so that you can put them on leaderboards as you will see how big of a gap stands between you and the players on this game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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