Cash Cheats Race Team Manager on iPhone

This racing game made by big bit ltd is a new game for ios platform in which it is a traditional racing game where you simply control the race car driver the whole time

race team manager tips

On the other words, you will be in charge of the whole team, from the driver to the mechanics in the pit, as well as responding in various situations
At the same time, you will have to attempt to do so in such a way as to give your team the best chance of winning every race.

During a race, you will have full access to select which driver that can drive aggressively, cautiously or balance it out.

So if your driver is more aggressive, you drive faster
But, the faster your tires and gas get used up.
In line with this, try to set it to aggressive when you are way behind and set it to cautious when you finally reach first position.

Furthermore, when your car is driving during a race, its service level will drop further and further
Then, if it comes to zero, your car will need a full rebuild, so that it will take quite awhile before you can race again.

Time or gold here is use to increase your service level when it drops, but you can do the time lapse trick by setting the time ahead on your phone in order to get your service level back instantly.

Afterward, it will need to restore about an hour or two.
When going back to the game and see it restored, you can go back to the time settings and set your time back to normal
And, when you go back to the game your service level will be repaired fully.

Later on, you can set it ahead no matter what whenever you are very close to winning the race, so that you can run aggressively when tires and gas are nothing.
On the other side, your service level drops faster when your driving is set to aggressive, so watch out for that as well.

Some upgrades will absolutely be needed in order to have specific effects in different situations
According to this, you can upgrade for more power that will help you make slipstreams easier, as will lighter weight, while turning scenarios will be made easier by increasing handling.

Make sure to get efficiency and better tires that will keep you out of the pits and get you to be far more aggressive.
Remember to only purchase upgrades as needed, so that you can save money for a new car on the next circuit.

Thus, as you purchase upgrades, the stats will also increase related to what you buy
At this point, once you are fully upgraded, all three stats will be equal to any car you have.

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