How to Earn 99999 Gems in Railroad Gangs for iPhone

Railroad Gangs is a new action strategy game, where you will be brought to an old-western style world and you will meet the trains carried settlers into new desert lands of the Wild West attacked each other for food and money gold storage.

railroad gangs tips

Furthermore, you will be assigned to accomplish a goal that is to stake your place in that world
You can do this by forming the most powerful town that you can, then destroying other players’ towns for having more stock resources.

In the beginning of the game, you will be introduced with a beginner’s shield, where you will be able to build up your town as quickly as possible.
Once building it, you will then upgrade the mansion while building more mints for producing gold and bakeries for food supply, as well as building and upgrading your food storages and coin storages whereby you can hold more of both to be used for even more buildings.

When going to battle with the other players, make sure that you have as many houses as possible
Meanwhile, having more troops are the key to both your defense and your offense, as your troops will also be the main defenders of your headquarter.
To defend your base, your houses are placed closer to your resource production units.
For the first troop, you will be accompanied with henchmen but you can unlock new troops as making some progresses through the game

In line with this, try to upgrade your tavern, then build the guild to upgrade your individual troops.
Because of upgrading the guild, you will be able to turn it into either a warrior guild that is either a rogue guild or a craftsman guild
At this point, every warrior will unlock three different types of new and more powerful units.

After having some troops, you can join guild play where you and your union-mates can send troops back and forth in which you can unlock this by building a council and joining a union.
Once entering a union, you can request troops from your teammates, and send them troops to you.

You will be given with plenty of gems early in this game in which you can use them to build your city with any structure
Surely, they will run out quickly where you have to get them again in any mean necessary.
Based on this circumstances, you will be allowed to refill your gems for free by clearing debris from your territory, such as rocks and cactus.

As they regenerate over time, you can continue earning more and more gems by clearing them.
On the other side, you can complete achievements and collect your daily tributes for having more and more free gems.

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