Collect More Flowers Lives in Rakoo`s Adventure for iPhone

In rakoo`s adventure namco bandai game, you must help Rakoo find his true love and get money flowers then navigate challenges, danger, and his own clumsiness to find her.

rakoo`s adventure tips

Because of this, you will need power ups as your tools to help him along the game
You will go through more than 30 levels to guide the lovable hero through the adventure with a lot of enemies each with their own special tricks will be the obstacles to overcome

Moreover, you will have to struggle fighting against epic boss fights with some power-ups from the ultra-speed “Hot Spicy” to the “Destructive Mount” for a truly epic ride

By overcoming some of those obstacles, you will collect rewards then complete tons of achievements to unlock bonus areas
On the other side, you will be allowed to customize your hero with wacky items and helpful pets and adopt a pet to help defeat your enemies in the battlefield

As making some progresses, try to unlock the three main power ups like the Magnet, the Chilli Pepper and the Bear.
The Magnet will cause flowers to be drawn towards Rakoo if you are running around near them, or if yuo are unable to reach the row they have been scattered on.
Just use this power-up to collect combo-lined flowers then add to your collection.

The Chilli Pepper will make Rakoo run at a ridiculously high speed while crushing all obstacles and enemies in his path.
You can also show a breathing fire with this power ups.

The Bear power up will take you around areas where you can ride on his back and lure him with food
By doing your action with this power up, you can be an unstoppable rampage through the rest of the stage while taking down groups of enemies.

Furthermore, using those power ups will give you a lot of advantages to complete your goal in which it will come to flowers as well
So with those flowers you have collected through the game, you can purchase extra lives to do more actions and to survive in every area
In addition, some promotional offers will be available for you to have flower stockpile.

All you have to do when facing bosses is to keep running and avoid any obstacles that crop up, which in turn will harm the bosses until they are done for.

To make it simple, you can also unlock supplementary pets in the game to help you fight against bosses
You can also unlock some outfits and hats to equip rakoo during his adventure.

These items including Roman helmets to cowboy hats to princess outfits that can be bought with in-game flowers, though some require your character to be at a certain level to unlock.

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