Gems Coins Cheats Random Runners for iPhone

In random runners game, you must collect gems and coins cash by hooting enemies in each stage so that you can use them to get special weapons and characters

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On the other side, you can find gems in certain areas, like along the sides of walls and on upper platforms when you run through the area.
Moreover, you can use those gems to unlock certain items, such as guns and additional characters.
In order to get the shotgun, you will spend around 200 coins and 2 gems.

In addition, if you are not able to jump high enough to collect coins or gems in stages, you can always revisit the level later on with a stronger character with special skill to reach the item easily.

In the way of unlocking new characters, you will select among these additional characters for cosmetic purposes when you are in the mission
Meanwhile, some of those characters are a bit stronger when it comes to jumping capabilities in which you can go with them for the first time.

This game combines endless runner-style skills with shooting and platforming across some intricately designed levels.
In line with this, you will have to get better weapons in order to get the most out of your next sprint for survival.

You will start off with a lowly pistol to kill enemies, in which you have to hold down the fire button carefully, to fire off shots rapidly without the need to reload.

By doing that action, you will be able to take down enemies at the beginning while jumping over the enemies wearing hats and also trying to avoid a hit on your health.

To survive along the game, you surely need weapons as your friends as they will eradicate incoming enemies at once
Unlocking better weapons in the game such as the shotgun and uzi will give you a better chance of taking down the tough enemies and getting more coins to be used to purchase better guns.

Having the Uzi will be good at firing multiple bullets at a time and the shotgun will work on a spread-shot basis
According to this, even you are working your way up an incline, one of the three bullets from that gun will still hit your target.

Note that when playing this game you should consider the tough level design as it will get you to jump even higher
For such reasons, keep practicing to get through every level eventually and to find a way to accomplish every goal.

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