How to Get Rare Ability Cards in Supreme Heroes on iPhone

In supreme heroes game, you must try to get more cards and get money cash by completing each mission
Here, you simply create and cultivate your own hero then get him or her customized with unique super powers represented by collectible cards.

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Along the way of accomplishing each goal, you can collect Ability cards and Gear then use them to equip your hero.
Those cards that you have collected through the game will be categorized into four rarity levels shown by the stats marked in the corner.
The rarest cards will be solely the most powerful ones.

Meanwhile Ability cards can raise the hero’s stats in Attack, Defense and Mobility.
With Gear that has been equipped will affect all stats that you can mutate an Ability card to increase its power, and fuse a Gear with another Gear to make it stronger.
In addition, accomplishing every mission and winning each battle will make you get money to buy more cards and booster to level up your hero

Just customize your hero’s appearance with his or her abilities that are over 1000 pieces of costumes and gears from which you can choose to put on your hero.

Mixing and matching all those quirky costumes and features will give a different look like super humans, ranging from masks, ponchos, and armors, to firing fist and photon body and design a fashionable, new look for your own hero.

Try to level up your hero by completing missions in that you must read a chapter of the story, tap to continue and complete the mission then unlock the new ones.

When fighting against an enemy, you just tap to start the mission and the automated battle begins and ends on its own.
By completing a mission, you will get some bonus rewards such as XP, money, a chance to get cards and any other valuable items as well.
Once leveling up your hero, you will receive stats points that you can assign to the hero’s different attributes.

Try to battle against AI super villains or other opponents to test your super power.
After designing and power-up your champion, you can find a list of opponents to challenge in the battle interface and earn XP and money by wining it.

Just log in the chat channel with a Facebook account to join a league that will create your solid team in the battle.
In addition playing your hero in single player mission will be the most important game content as well.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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