Rare Card Minerals for Steel Commanders Cheats on iPhone Android

In steel commanders tcg game, you must gather up cards unit and gold cash rewards where you have to take part in various quests to get them
Here, you will be competing against other players for rewards or combining and training current cards.

steel commanders tips

Then you will choose among three factions namely Agartha, Troy, or Pacifica with each bestowing special perks to particular unit types.
On the other side, you will also be able to customize your leader attributes to best suit your playing style and four attributes.

In order to get gold and point you must try to win the battle and penetrate the opponents defense so that you can increase your rank and have more rewards as well

Furthermore, this game will feature some unit structures of modern day combat namely Infantry, Combat Vehicles, Aircrafts, Structures, and Mech.
Infantry is categorized in low cost units featuring a variety of units that will synergize well with one another.
Combat Vehicles are included in high cost units but worth the price with their high ATK and DEF and special attack skills as well.
Aircrafts will give you strong ATT against ground units but they have low DEF against other aircraft units.
Structures will have high cost while displaying strong DEF and special defense skills.
Mechs are the ones that you can count on as they are the key units in the game that increases the effectiveness of the squad as a whole.

There will be three energy bars namely Quest, ATK, and DEF energy.
Quest energy allows the player to perform actions in quests
ATK will be used when attacking other players
DEF i9s used when defending against other players attacks.
Meanwhile energy bars will replenish hourly unless you are willing to spend some money into it to expedite your progress.

This game features a battle system with customizable attack and defense squads in that you have to develop the perfect strategy to deal with enemy defenses while making sure to keep their defenses intact.
Bomber planes are effective in demolishing structures and sending fighter jets will help in bringing the bombers down.
Note that there will be effect among the different units available.

For such reasons, even if an enemy’s DEF is greater than the player’s ATK, it does not guarantee a sure loss.
So it will be based on the squad compositions to get a victory.
Just concentrate on squad attributes and characteristics to differentiate the best players from the rest.
Once getting your victory, you will earn gold and points that can increase your rank and in turn, receive greater rewards.

While having some quests, Alien Invasions are randomly triggered so that you have to use Psi Energy to take part in the event.
You can get Psi-Energy by mixing Quest Energy, Attack Energy, Defense Energy in which this will allow you make a progress through the game by solely questing or take part in battles to effectively use the energy not being consumed.

Remember you have to get Psi-Energy fully charged, then you can immediately face the Alien Invasion.
When the Alien attacks, the Defense Squad tanks the damage, and the Attack Squad delivers an attack.
Thus try to defeat the Alien threat and you can beat them easily if they come in big amount of Alien Invasions.

Make sure to stay alert once overcoming them as Aliens in higher levels can evolve and return for a second round then they can also be done with allies.
If a friend triggers an Alien Invasion, alliance members will be notified to join.
In this occasion, you will receive bonus rewards if dealing the most damage or delivering the final blow.

In order to get these commander points, this game facilitate Quest Energy, Attack Energy, and Defense Energy that you can use.
However, you will have to be awarded Commander Points to use every 5 levels as these points will allow you to customize your teams.

By having these commander points, you can obtain the available stats such as Leadership, Battle Tactics, and Logistics.
Leadership will help you increase the size of the squad.

Meanwhile, Battle Tactics will give you a 10% attack and defense bonus for each point and reveal more opponent information during battles.
And Logistics decreases all Energy charge times by 5 seconds but it will increase the maximum Energy capacity by 5 as well.
In addition, your stats will be different to the other players although between you and them are in the same level of this game.

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