Rare Cards Coins Cheats in Spellstorm iPhone

In spellstorm game, you must gather up rare cards to be evolved into the most powerful one
You can change the cards that feature in your adventuring party at the bottom right-hand corner of the main screen.

spellstorm walkthrough

Your cards can also be enhanced with any cards that you have no longer wish to keep so that it will create a sprawling array of beautifully drawn demonic creations.

You can try to have a Legend card set with hitting the Refer-A-Friend option then share details of the game with a friend via Facebook or e-mail.
After signing up, you can claim your reward including new cards as well.

Try completing every goal in the tab at the upper-left of the screen in order to earn you coin, card and potion rewards to keep you playing this game any longer.
Always play this game daily as leaderboards will reset daily so that potions and monster cards will be given to the best performers.

Use your cards you have got to enhance one of your favorite cards by tapping on My Cards, then selecting Enhance.
Afterward select the card you want to improve, followed by the other card you want to sacrifice.

You have to either wait for the timer to expire or level up in order to receive an energy point back every minute or so
Or you can buy an energy potion from the in-app purchase store to get your energy fully regenerated in minute.

To participate in the Player vs Player or PVP system you can tap on the Battle icon to view a list of available opponents.
But remember the crossed swords icon value next to their portrait should be less than your own unless you want to take a nasty beating when trying to attack it.

By taking part in as many PVP matches daily you will have a chance of getting rewards as the leaderboards are reset every night.
So get the higher performance on the leaderboards to have the better rewards when participating it.

You will receive skill points by leveling up your character that you can invest in your character.
You can invest points into your energy level if you run low a lot of energy.

By participating on battles you will get battle points to make you stronger in PVP, while investing in your library allows you to carry more cards.
You can throw some points into your health levels if you run out energy on the battlefield.

So try to become the game’s top summoner in one of three magics—Abyssal, Ethereal, or Primal—in your campaign.
Coins currency in this game can be used to pick up new card packs, or you can pick up a fair few of them on your journey for free.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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