Rare Cards Gold Cheats in Pantheon The Legends iPhone

In pantheon the legends game, you must maximize your number of available card slots by collecting powerful cards which over 100+ cards with up to 4 stages of evolution and unlocking their abilities and having a battle against thousands of other players online

Pantheon The Legends

You can get one new card daily by either adding a friend in the game or connect the game to Facebook.
Every time you get a new card slot, you will get a new rare and powerful card as a reward.

If you do not want anyone to know that you are connecting via Facebook with the game you can change the “who can see your posts” tab to “Only me” setting.
Before going to a battle you have to be sure that you set your cards in early so that your strongest cards are the ones that are actually in use.

Tap on your main cards and find any weak that is one star or two star cards, tap on the card and then tap on the “exchange” button and switch them out, and pick a stronger card.

Make sure you get to about level 6 before you actually run out of energy on a quest when trying to get through the quests asap.
When doing so you should go into battle, because whether you win or lose you will get experience points in the battle.

Then, you need to evolve and ascend cards, but be sure you have to level up a card to the maximum level into a 3 star card at least.
Afterward you have to get a required number of duplicate cards depending on the card and ascension tokens to make it happen.

Enhance your cards to get increased power and help them Ascend to unlock even greater strengths and powers for every card you have
In addition you can build the most powerful decks by activating each card’s divine skills

Try to get the treasure fragments and other goodies that you need in the game by winning some battles against other player and completing a lot of quests

Engage in combat against other players, or band together to form the ultimate guild
Join now and get a free 4-star god including from Hermes, Nemesis, Nike and others

Try to build the ultimate team of gods and heroes from Zeus, Poseidon and Hades through to Hecate, Hercules and the Minotaur

Collect the best cards and form an awesome army to take on anyone who stands in your way.
Battle other players around the world, or join a guild to team up with others and dominate the rankings

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