How to Get Rare Cards Myth of Destiny iPhone

When playing myth of destiny game, you must try to accomplish the quests to collect special cards in this game

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So simply team up and fight with your friends to conquer the quests and earn honourable achievements including cards
You can also join daily and weekly Events and Quests for the chance to get rare cards

To increase more cards, you can collect treasures to evoke special cards containing over 200 visually stunning cards.
By having tons of cards, you can build a strong team to compete against monsters in the battle

This game will specifically combine elements of trading card game or TCG and unique slot machine battling system.

Meanwhile you will be allowed to spin the slot machine to attack monsters, heal your characters or enhance your attack in that it is all determined by your luck.

To level up your character, you can create a team formation to mix cards with special skills and leader skills for the best tactics in battle.
Thus just enhance your team’s power then select your best team formation before having the battle

The beginning of the game tells that the powers of the Undead, the Werebeasts and the Humans were bound by three legendary artefacts.

And these artefacts could be used to channel the power of the Gods to start an era of thriving civilization.

Undead is a legion arises from the grave, seeking revenge on the living races by draining life energy from their foes in the battle.

Human is cunning, agility and tenacity characters that enable the Human race to withstand any foe as they are masters of survival adaptation.

Werebeast is a kind of a ferocious race, that will behave peacefully.
But, if they get provoked, they can attack with decisive brutality.

Therefore you have to try seal the three artefacts in a secret place.
So simply select your faction and your destiny, as you will get the main goal to try to survive in the new era of civilization

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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