Rare Cards Coins Cheats in Dragon Summoner iPhone

In dragon summoner game, you must get friendship points to have better cards
In line with this, you must try getting your victory to earn a new card, coins, items that enhances your character, or some combination as well.

Dragon Summoner

Simply complete quests and win battles against real opponents in order to earn “Friendship Points”. You can use it in the “friendship gacha”, to get cards and to build then enhance your better cards in the early future.
Have better cards by going to the single platinum or pack platinum gacha as well.

You have to complete quests to receive cards and awards such as use your cards to fight the baddies, which is handled prior to beginning the quest. So that you know the energy, experience and progress.

Afterward you can level your cards by fighting in quests and battles, as well as enhancing and evolving your cards with other cards you have picked up along the way.

Select class among three classes such as Warriors, Mages or Hunters then fight for the survival of your kingdom.
Each of the classes will have an effect on the type of team build in which you will want to make when you face off against the many bosses in this game.

After completing a few of these battles in quests you will face off against a boss.
In quest common battles, see the “go” button and tap that for however many enemies there are on the screen then you move on.

Use your defense before heading in. And try to beat a boss to earn you huge experience bonuses, as well as a treasure trove of goodies dropped including energy drinks, coins, items that enhance your cards skills.

Choose the battle option from the menu screen in the top left of the game, select your opponent, then your cards as well.
This will test how good of a card you possess with regards to attack and defense.
Try to win battles to collect rewards that will help you in the next battle.
Note that you have to choose from a similar level as you.

Card Evolution: Between your card packs, quest rewards and so on, you will likely get two of the same cards at some point.
You can do “evolve” two of the same cards into one much more powerful card through its card evolution system.
By doing so you will create a higher level of your character than the previous two cards, with higher attack, defense power and health points

When enhancing Cryptids will need to sacrifice unneeded cards to enhance a current, more suitable Cryptid so that it will give you the “enhance” card more experience to level them up and make them stronger.

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