How to Get New Rare Dragons in Dragon Story New Dawn on iPhone

In dragon story new dawn, you must try to accomplish a ton of quests to complete and a ton of explorations with a lot of coins and mystic maps in order to do an expansion

dragon story new dawn tips

Try to get that mystic maps by asking your friends.
To do so just tap one of the Expand signs, and next to the Mystic Maps counter, tap on ask friends.
Try to add friends by adding people on Storm8 such as in Facebook, Twitter, etc

Just start going through island names in the “community” tab and add one-word of everybody name like an actual online username like gibberish or include numbers except a dragon island name.

Just put your island name as your Storm8 name or as “add storm8” then visit many islands and play with the dragons there while leaving messages on people’s walls with 3 or 4 hearts.

When they accept the invites or you accept other people’s invites you will have many friends so go back to the expand menu, and ask them all for Mystic Maps.

How to breed and get new dragon types in dragon story new dawn game
There will be a number of rare dragons as usual dragons such as hybrids of red, blue, yellow and green dragon types.
The Magic Dragon is a purple dragon and the Diamond Dragon is its own type then the all new Light Dragon is in a white dragon type.

You can get diamond dragon at level 10 when unlocking the Diamond Fields habitat then start making use of your breeding grounds.
Try to breed two hybrid dragons that combined each other then make up all four types of dragons to get a fresh new one.

For example
One dragon can be a fire and air hybrid and the others are a forest and water hybrid
One dragon can be a fire and water and the others are forest and air types.
Remember as they have to encompass all four types dragons to get them breed well.

If you want to know whether they breed a diamond egg or some random hybrid egg you can tap the breeding den while they are still in it and notice how long it will take to finish.
If the remaining time seems to go a long amount of time then the diamond dragon eggs will be created.
But If it is a shorter amount you will get some other hybrid eggs.

In order to get the Light Dragon just try to reach level 17 in the game firstly.
After doing so both the Light Dragon and the white meadow will be unlocked.
Afterward you will be able to purchase the Light Dragon in the store for coins, without having to spend gold at the market.

In order to get the purple dragon the Purple Plains habitat will be firstly unlocked.
After it is done just go to the breeding den and breed a water dragon and a fire dragon together.
As a result you will have a 50/50 shot at getting a purple dragon or the Athletic Dragon.
Then place it in the habitat.

After getting all these three rare dragons all you have to do is just start breeding them with all of your other dragons to create some rare exotic hybrid dragons so that they will be the most powerful ones to be had in this game

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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