Hoe to Get Rare Legendary Cards in Order and Chaos Duels on iPhone

In order and chaos duels game, you must gather and activate more cards in the fight against enemies in the battlefield
Then, you will need a certain amount of time to activate hero cards in this game before you get special advantages such as extra Mana or direct damage to your opponent.

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Always check into the cards menu system once per day to to boost your deck so that you can have a chance of collecting a Common card for free
However you will still need premium currency for Ancient or Legendary cards and you can also buy Common cards for in-game cash as you earn it.
So always stay alert of the light indicators on top of the card in order to make the most of things.

Note that certain cards that you draw will not be laid on the play area but you have to get them activated immediately.
By activating those cards you will protect a Minion that you have played, while others ones will affect your opponent’s Minions or Hero.
Therefore make sure to do so to get your strategy solid when doing combat with your opponents.

Each card has its own special flavor either debilitates the opposition’s behavior in some way, or a direct damage ability.
Some particular cards will add defensive capabilities to your Hero so that you will know when to defend and when to go on an unflinching assault.

You can review your opponent`s cards in their hand by tapping on them to zoom closer on the abilities. Now you will notice why they have played each card to improve your counters in future matches.

When unlocking a new card, review your deck firstly to see where it fits in and compliments your playstyle.
So that you will familiarize yourself with how your own deck works, your strengths and weaknesses of every cards that will be used to battle with other players

When going to combat it begins with players using a limited mana pool to play their Minion cards.
So playing your ideal card will need enough Mana so you can sacrifice one card in exchange for one Mana point, once per round.
If carrying a card that will not fit into the round’s strategy, throw it into the graveyard pile to exchange for a powerful Minion.

You can spend your turn’s Mana on any defensive cards that are dealt into your hand.
Make sure your hero card is alive to beat the opposition then get another Minion and defense on the battlefield to lead your victory

Strategic combat will continue until you or your opponent’s Hero character sustains too much damage so that you have to consider to balance between building defenses, using Hero abilities, rearranging cards, and constantly adapting to the behavior of the AI opposition.

Before having higher rank in this game just make sure to keep staying away from the ranked multiplayer matches until you have made a solid attempt at the single-player Campaign.

From this campaign you will teach your skills and keep you stay alive online
On the other side you will also build up a decent selection of cards for your deck as well.

You can switch over to a different class of Hero altogether to have different strengths and weaknesses, so try to experiment and find a Hero that works for you to make any progress fast.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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