Rare Minerals Money Cheats in Block Fortress iPhone

In block fortress game, you will be tasked to build barracks to build a solid line of defense.
You must carefully balance the flow of power energy around your barracks.

fortress 1

And do not spend on too much or too little power
Always add another power block around the place in a lightning symbol on any defensive object as it is not receiving enough power.
Afterward check the radius of a power block’s effect by selecting it with the pointer icon.

You have to build your barracks as high as possible whereby it makes harder for enemies to assault the barracks
On the other side make sure you have access to as many resource nodes as possible then try to strike a balance between profitability and defense.

You have to place the mineshaft directly over the resource block in order to mine resources most effectively. So that the acquisition rate of those precious minerals will be increased.

When the night comes you have to supply adequate lighting around your barracks, so that your turrets can continue to fire automatically on the invaders.
Try to out the different lighting types as some will provide automatic illumination others and the others will require some manual control.

As a new player you have to try experimenting in the Sandbox mode of the game so that you can receive unlimited resources to defend your base.
Try not to spoil yourself too much with this comparatively
Play in easy mode will be useful for trying out new strategies and helping you plan what to craft next.

The crafting system in Block Fortress is built around the special resources earned from each map type.
Alongside if you are lacking a certain resource you can try playing on a map that specifically offers up that resource, and focus on extracting it more.
In order to do some upgrades, weapons and block types you have to level up your character by keep playing through scenarios to earn experience points.

You have to build walls around your fortress to defend from an enemy wave`s approach.
Try do do a research of building different block types to have different defensive advantages for your fortress.

Do not consider in wasting money on turrets that are too close together when placing them around your base as you only have a limited amount of money to play with in the opening stage.
Always gather any coins that drop from enemies in order to repair and upgrade your base after an attack phase.

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