Rare Pets Cheats in World of Wizards The Mirror Kingdom iPhone

In world of wizards the mirror kingdom rpg game, you will play as a wizard who is on a quest going through the mirror kingdom of various lands while fighting, catching and collecting monsters to make them your pets

World of Wizards The Mirror Kingdom

When having such adventure you will be on your way through from stage to stage in order to accomplish your mission.
Afterward you can buy new equipment, learn new magic and get rare pets as well.

Hit points are your life energy so try not to run out of them as you can not fight anymore.
Hearts will give you to do battle in the mirror arena against others.

Energy will lead you to accomplish missions inside of the mirror kingdom, such as hunting and exploring.
Note that if you run low on either hit points, hearts or energy points, you will wait a moment in order for them to regenerate, unless you level up.

If you run out energy you can recover them by doing these tricks.
Go to the date and time settings on your phone device
Just set it an hour or two ahead from the current time
Now go back to the game again.

After doing so you will see everything get recovered fast.
After getting recovered you can go back to the date and time settings and set the time on your device back to normal.
When doing so the new-found energy, life and hearts will still be recovered as they were before.

Afterward you can play them over and over when you are grinding for levels or for coins.
Try to beat a new spot in order to get new hunting chances.

Save them for later stages if you can, where you can find newer and more powerful monsters to fight and capture as pets, or at least to find a bigger variety of monsters so that you do not have to hunt the same ones over and over again.

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