How to Get Rarer Legendary Cards in Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Cinematic on iPad

When playing hearthstone heroes of warcraft cinematic game, you must try collecting more new cards including commons, rares, epics, and even legendary cards which are over 300 cards for free in Play mode and The Forge with dueling the A.I. or completing achievements.

heartstone heroes of warcraft the rarer cards

Playing in Play mode will allow you to duel other players to increase your medal ranking and level up your skill level while earning new card packs along the way of your journey.

So just participate in traditional head-to-head matches to win card packs as a bonus in which they can be traded as your ticket to participate in The Forge.

Meanwhile playing in The Forge will allow you to test your skills and build a new deck by selecting one card from each of a series of randomized card choices, then play against other Forge participants to win card packs as a reward.

However you must trade in a certain number of unopened card packs to enter in The Forge to have all access to duel other participants and earn new cards.

After entering in The Forge you can create a special Forge deck by choosing one card from a series of card options until you have a full deck of 30 collections.

Now equipped with your newly cards deck you can duel against other Forge participants and keep all the expert cards that were in your deck—and based on how well you performed to win additional card packs in a specific number of matches.

After you have completed the forge duels you can add the built cards that you keep in your deck to other decks in your collection
There will be three types of cards to be built in your deck namely spells, weapons, and minions with each categorized in the “basic” or “expert” card set

Basic cards are the “starter” cards to form the foundation of each hero’s class that can be collected from playing the game more often
Moreover you can have up to two of every basic card in the game in your card deck collection.

Meanwhile Expert cards will only be found in card packs or created using the crafting system including in certain achievements grant as well.
Those expert cards will be categorized into four types of their rarity namely common card in white color, rare card in blue color, epic card in purple, and legendary card in orange color.

Mostly the rarer a card is the more complex to earn as it will provide you with new strategic options.
In addition you are able to collect and own any number of expert cards in your collection that will be two of any common, rare, or epic card, and one of any legendary card, in which all of them can be placed in you card deck collection

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