Silver Coin Lodestones Cheats Ravenmark Mercenaries for iPhone

In ravenmark mercenaries elite edition game, you will go through the three warring nations namely once-glorious Estellion, the fledgling Varishah, and silent but stern Esotre.

ravenmark mercenaries tips

In doing your actions, you will have to build your troops, make your banner then go to rescue the world from any enemies of this game.
Moreover, this game will allow you to hire mercenaries, incorporate them into their battle formations and then put them into fierce campaigns.

So challenge other human players to asynchronous battles, or embark on mercenary contracts to sharpen your skills on your own and get favor with each of the warring nations.
As your mercenary company grows rich in silver and renown, you should be ready to fight against tougher opponents in multiplayer matches.

This game will give you a chance to command the services of diverse Brigades of coin-obsessed mercenaries, each with different sets of skills and combat styles.

On the other side, you can mix and match these Brigades to develop your own style of combat, all while exploring the world of Eclisse and its rich lore.
Once getting experience in battle, you can experiment with Commander Traits to embellish your style of command for your army.

Stalwart combat features like Standing Orders and Formations return will offer you to expand tactical options, while new features such as Zone of Control and the Standard Bearer throw game-changing will give some twists into battle

In this game, you will have a full control of various medieval units on a map while trying to wipe out your opponent’s army.
Therefore, you have to make sure to watch your step before making a move as the smallest move can make an different impact in how the tide of battle sways against opponent with its new multi-player aspect.

To get more rewards, you can always involve in simple skirmish missions for your coin
After getting enough cash, you have to do an upgrading your regiments and capitalizing on their experience

In addition, when inviting friends for fame and fortune combat, you will have to prepare your troops like hiring mercenaries range from the usual infantry, cavalry, and archers, to more fantastic monsters and machines of war for having your victory much easier.

Furthermore, you have a wide array of tactical options imposed by mobility, terrain, and positioning the units that you have hired on the battlefield grid.

You can also try using the game features the“we-go” phase system in that friend and foe attack in the same phase.
Every fight you go through will earn you skills and coins as well
If you mull over your varied combat options like Formations and Zone of Control you can conquer the battlefield and get your victory.

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