Reals Gold Cheats in Dragon Eternity Online HD iPhone

In dragon eternity online hd game, all you will have to do is to accomplish every given task in each mission to collect more gold and reals, which are as the main currencies of this game

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Playing this game is simple as you have to complete task such as slay monsters and villains, and shuttle back and forth on the different maps then collect gold as your reward.

All quests will be in general of the following activities that is to transverse among different scenes or maps, slay monsters or enemies and talk to an NPC
By using enough gold you can buy and equip items to character, then take role in team combat against other players in Arena of Honor.

In addition the Follow Target mode in the quest will lead where you will go on the next
And the target is always marked by the crossed swords overhead.
The main enemy is a spawn of Dark Gods Shaab that will cast a spell of sinister Blight on all the living things.

Now you become a warrior and to start making your way in this beautiful Adan World and meeting self-willed characters then fighting against uncanny monsters
In your journey of rescuing the dragon world you will be involved in mass battles with other players, various mini-games and grand events concerning all the in dwellers of the Dragon World as well.

Meanwhile you will travel across 38 unbelievably beautiful and omnigenous locations from deserts to wildwoods, from tropical islands to mountain ravines and over 70 mini-locations including caves, huts, robbers’ lairs and much more

You will involve in 3 battle types at option namely a beserk, a paladin or a witcher that can be changed at any moment
You will also participate in a combat amongst 6 different types of battles with other players including the unique Sea Battle

On the other side you can choose a companion-dragon and call it to battles while riding a giant pangolin or a wolf during the battles
Moreover you can also call skeletars and caught creatures for help

Equipped with dozens of available weapon, battle suits types, hundreds of useful objects and tools types you will have to accomplish over 1500 tasks along the game
Meanwhile you have to discover 90 hidden object and solving puzzles mini-games

In that point you have to know basic formula of combat and relevant setups such as the function of XP, Currency, Shop and Health, etc.
And the combat is all the same that is two sides take turns to attack, health drops under every assault.

For such reason try choosing the fighting formula that will be either 25%+ defense or 25%+ attack including the optional usage of potion to restore your health to a degree while using magic spells at one time.

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