How to Earn Photo Op Star in Record Run for iPhone

Record Run is a kind of the endless runner genre, where you run on your favorite songs, and you will try to get 5 star rating for your favorite songs or the default ones.

record run tips

In the beginning of the game, you choose your runner from a fun cast of characters then you will jump, duck and dodge through the city for getting high-scores
Thus chase and collect records while running to get awesome upgrades and unlocks

During the game play, try to play with the sound on which will help you a lot get into the rhythm and feel the race
Because of this, if you play with the sound on, you have more chances of doing a lot better in the game.

Furthermore, during in your run, always stay alert on the green markers
Focusing on green markers are all that matters if you want a high score in this game.

Meanwhile, you must also avoid the obstacle as soon as you land on that green tile, so that you will be rewarded with the Perfect bonus and a better score.
Feel the rhythm while looking at those green markers during the race and performing the required action like going to slide, jump, or whatever when you are on green.

Basically, it is game over if you hit an obstacle because your Groove World meter is reset which also make you not to get many points.
For such reasons, you can avoid most of the obstacles by jumping over them or sliding under them you can slide to the other side to avoid them.
In line with this, you must make your move perfect first
And to avoid the obstacles like this, it will be easier to follow but it will be more difficult to perform the wrong move.

Participating in more races, while learning to get over the occasional hiccup of the game that records your right slide as a jump and avoiding any obstacle will give you a better score that will be going Perfect on 90% of the obstacles.

Anyway, when purchasing some boosts that you will use during your run, you should consider what the right boost is useful to apply
In accordance with this, The Magnet is 50 records and you can put the Sprint Solo to good use, upgrade it too.

And if you want to increase the duration of the double scoring option, you can use the Groove boost
On the other side, the Sprint Solo is a boost that you never managed to use
The main point is simply to keep your records and play it with your own style.

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