Red Gems Coins Cheats in Nimble Quest iPhone

In nimble quest game, you are tasked to collect gems and unlock new heroes as well
Completing each stage of each mission will give you a chance of getting an access to unlock a new hero, while increasing the limit of overall party members you can carry around.

nimble quest tips

On the other side you can get other heroes as drops from enemies of the snake, then use their own individual attacks.
Meanwhile gems will also can be earned from the battle that you have won or from the enemies you have defeated
Once getting enough red gems you can use them to increase the potency of the power-ups you find and to unlock 15 different heroes with each offering its own mix of skills.
Those heroes are tough combat experts at the front of your line, and the others will deal better damage at range.

Vanquished foes will drop buffs occasionally that offer a variety of boosts.
These boosters will make your attack harder and faster while also give shields for the character at the front of your troupe then dragging in gems dropped by enemies around the level.

You can get those tokens through random drops, or by spending 1,000 gems in the common currency.
Gems are used to upgrade power ups along and to level up heroes.
In addition you can buy extra lives with these tokens and add heroes to the start of your run, or use special powers that last for one turn.

Just pick one or more characters then lead them through a set of levels of a conga line of heroes, avoiding walls and enemies across an endless number of stages, unlocking new heroes, and collecting loot as as resources.

All you have to do is just to swipe directionally your heroes to guide them attack automatically through each micro stage, and get enemies drop gems, power-ups then unlock new heroes as well.

By completing each level you will unlock adorable new characters, and hard-earned gems to level them up and to help your party’s chances of getting your victory.

Note that swiping left and right is a key to unlock meticulously crafted twitch gameplay while balancing the micro of avoiding obstacles, walls, and your own party, and the macro of defeating enemies, collecting gems, and snagging power ups for your characters.
But make sure they are not heading in the wrong direction when you turn them.

So unlock and level up your heroes to increase the size of your party and make them more powerful with each new character offering the opportunity to explore a trio of abilities
You can choose who you want to elect as party leader, and decide how best to level up the roster to survive through all levels.

This game will allow you to add knights, rangers, bomb making scientists, and undead skeletons to your ranks as you play.
These new allies will follow your leader and create the familiar snake-like formation that must wind around enemies and obstacles to survive.

Surviving in each stage means constantly turning, picking up power-ups that enhance attack frequency or temporarily freeze opponents, and keeping your party alive for the next level.

Get the heroes have health bars filled fully as you can while approaching the enemies with taking as little damage as possible.
In addition unlock everything in order to get high scores for each character and reach your total score in a guild mode of this game.

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