How to Get Red Numen Mana in Forest Defense on iPhone

When playing forest defense game, you can get mana from enemies in the battle
Here, you play as the Devout and his epic quest to defend the last Hamadryad where you must protect the forest from a whole legion of mechanical invaders.

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Just move forward as far as you can when being int the beginning of the game.
Stand back from the closest enemy to you, so that you can shoot them but they cannot attack you.

Once beating them, you can take the blue mana from them, and build up your mana to huge levels.
Afterward upgrade your mana, although it might be most effective to simply use all of your mana at once for summoning a ton of numen.
You play as The Devout, and your main tower to defend is the Hamadryad, a huge, odd looking contraption that represents the spirit of the forest.

You command the Devout that is the age-old nature spirit known only as the Hamadryad and summon the fiercest animals to help you defend the forest against the relentless enemies.

You will guide the Devout to use the powers of Sun and Water to oppose the heartless Automata.
Conscript, upgrade, and summon various ferocious beasts to aid you in your Forest Defense.

You will control all kinds of mythical forest creatures like fantastical birds, mammals, reptiles, and mythical creatures will follow you on the battlefield and protect the Hamadryad from the goofy robots that look like walking household appliances.

You will be equipped with effective numen named laminaceph that is the red one with the antlers as he has a huge quantity of life points, and costs very little mana.

Summon large amounts of numen to block any enemies from getting past them, then guide you to get vicgtory in the battle.
Try punching macropuses behind them to add to the speed at which you kill the enemies, and add hasta-beaks to deliver some serious damage.
Note that the cornerstone of your defense is only the laminaceph.

Level up your punching macropuses while putting together a “zerg rush” style offense where you block enemies using the laminaceph, then send out a ton of the punching macropus at the same time as your mana builds up.
Therefore you can do massive amounts of damage all at once, and make you nearly invincible.

Keep the fireball around and upgrade it, but try avoiding the tornado spell as soon as you unlock the honey bees.
The tornado spell does very little damage, making it nearly worthless for attacking enemies.

You must build and lead an army of original and uniquely designed magical creatures.
Get experience from each battle and upgrade the Devout for his powers, and the forest’s creatures as well.

Fight alongside your beast soldiers and repel the unrelenting Automata in massive battles and dodge the enemy’s attacks and devastate your opponents with the Devout’s melee and magical abilities.

Along the game, you will have to fight in 50 increasingly difficult levels of frenzied action to beat the mechanical invaders.
So choose your team wisely for the right creatures at the right moment as it will bring your a good progress to win this game.

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