Rare Cards Cheats Reign of Dragons iPhone

In reign of dragons game, you can get multiple rarities of cards such as one, two, three, four, five and six star cards in which one star is the most common type of card that is also the weakest but it is the best used as place holders until a better card comes along.

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Besides they can be used as a mixer to enhance the better card.
Two, three, four, five and six star cards are categorized as uncommon cards
And rare, super rare, mega rare, and ultra rare and the more stars and the more rare cards will be the better card to have

Try to get rare cards by winning premium keys and use them to open one free premium card pack in order to earn rare and above cards.
Try to get three or four star cards from a free or friendship point card pack, so keep opening card packs to find those cards

Get some very rare cards by taking part in the Raid Boss battles and getting ranked in the top tier.
If you are top battlers you can earn one five-star card and one six-star ultra-rare card as prizes
So that just take part and find as many raid bosses as possible in order to rack up the most total points ever.
Try to complete a set of six treasure collection pieces in order to get a rare or uncommon card as a reward prize.

Just connect the game to Twitter and Facebook to post about Reign of Dragons in order to have a chance of earning free rare cards.
Remember that you will have one post per day about the game counted

However try to keep posting day after day so that the posts will be increased to earn you rare cards.
Just enter a friends or someone else referral code in order to have a chance of winning a free rare and up card as a reward
If someone else enters your referral code you will also earn a free rare and up card.

Try to look at My Page and see what kind of limited edition quests to complete as these limited edition quests will earn you rare cards.
Note that if you evolve a card four times, it will gain you a star in its final form so that you can turn any 2-star into a 3-star or a three-star into a four-star card then power them up immensely with evolution.

When having a ton of free cards during the quests just make sure to evolve those cards if you are not going to use them as enhancement mixer cards.
Just evolve cards into 4 different forms so that the 4th form will have one more rarity star and have more attack and defense than all three of the main forms.

Try to get free boost points by adding allies
Just go to the Menu button then go to the Ally area.
Now just search by level and hit recruit.

Afterward hit the Add all users on this page as allies button over and over again so that you will earn allies quickly.
As a result every ally accepting your request, or whose quest you accept, will earn you 3 free boost points.
Just join a guild in order to get 20 free boost points and to start putting together the best attack and defense teams possible.

Try to take part in the raid boss battles and the limited edition quests and events to the highest degree possible.
By doing so you will have a chance of getting rare cards and other fun rewards, such as premium keys to open more free premium card packs.

Just load up on duplicate cards from the quest mode and evolve every single one of them until reaching to their fourth and final form and giving you a star.
Keep doing this to have a very powerful team for the amount of attack and defense power that they take up in the battle mode.

To play in the battle mode you must look at another players defensive points and check out any chance there as the most players will not load their whole list of cards with cards that have been evolved into their final forms.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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