Get More Credits in Republique Full Episodes for iPhone

Republique is the stealth genre game, where you will not control the main character, a woman called Hope, directly but you will only tell here where to go to and avoid being seen by guard in every room.

republique tips

On the other side, this girl has an expressive face when shown in close up, and she is intelligent enough to know what you mean when you tap, and will even move by herself if a guard gets too close.

What the main core of this game is mostly about moving from cover to cover when guards are not looking, hiding in lockers, and ducking into vents then you are frogmarched back to a holding cell and have to sneak back to the point where you were last seen.

Remember, do not get seen and be as stealthy as possible or enemies will do everything to kill you once you are discovered at that time.
When playing this game, you can count on CCTV whereby you can hijack the security feed and watch the dystopian world through these security cameras, using them to spy on guards and tell escapee Hope where to move on and where to cover during in each room.

Moreover, you can also stop time and then jump between CCTV cameras by tapping on them, or unlock and lock doors to pen in nuisance guards.
As making progresses, you eventually get the ability to distract guards by making phones ring and coffee machines go on the fritz.

Along the game, you will explore, and while there is a set path to sneak through you can check out other rooms and find trinkets, bits of backstory, and disposable items like screwdrivers to open vents and pepper spray to escape from guards.

With all your skills you have learn through the game, you will struggle to avoid a guard by waddling from cover to cover and bouncing between different CCTV cameras to get a better look at the action.

In addition, you will have to guide Hope to escape “recalibration” in the eponymous dystopiaby tapping on the screen to command this girl to move to certain places and to interact with objects and the enemies, known collectively as Prizrak.

During your performance throughout the game, you will be able to jump between security cameras using the Omni-View to help you get different perspectives.
You can also act like hacker, help her escape the captors as this the objective that you have to accomplish later on.

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