Gems Cash Cheats Restaurant Town for iPhone

Playing restaurant town nanobit game will get you to take care of your little restaurant and you have to work harder to build it up into a massively successful gourmet joint.

restaurant town tips

On the other words, you have to be the solely restaurant that serves the best dishes among others ones
In the way of fulfilling your goal, you will be brought to complete some tasks such as cooking specific dishes, and selling them after they have been put out on the counters for people to take.

In line with this, you have to finish your dish and serve it to the consumer in the right time
Normally, you have to wait for them finish in certain of time

However, try to set the time on your phone or tablet ahead, then the time in the game will jump ahead by an equal amount
By doing such trick the dishes will finish instantly and it will be ready to serve.

If you do not have any dishes ready to be served in your restaurant, the consumer will leave disappointed, that will cause you to lose hearts.

For such reasons, if you do not have any dishes available, simply take the door of your restaurant and put it in the storage.
By doing so, consumer will be unable to enter it.

At this time, go hurry to use this time to cook dishes, especially the ones which take longer to cook.
Afterward, just put the door back on your restaurant after you serve up your dishes.

To get your restaurant decorated well, you can purchase as many tables and chairs as possible.
With a lot of tables and chairs there, every consumer will be comfortable

Usually if you do not put the tables and the chairs a lot more, consumer will leave unhappy as they cannot sit, in which it will also cause you to lose hearts.

Thus with more tables and chairs, you will earn more hearts, and you can also sell more dishes as quickly as possible

Moreover, you can maximize counters as well so that you can set more food out at a time that can help you earn more coins and hearts at one time.

In order to increase your reputation, you can add as many friends as possible so that the more friends like you, the more decorations you will get and your restaurants reputation will also increase.

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