How to Complete Stealth Missions in Riddick The Merc Files for iPhone

The goal of playing riddick the merc files game is to reach the exit alive while staying alert of the guard routes and watching where they are walking then if you find an opening, sneak past or take them out to reach the exit.

riddick the merc files tips

Later on your journey, you will revolve around stealthfully attempting to clear a stage three separate ways namely escaping, executing a specific target, or fetching an item and reaching the extraction point.

During the play, you will be opted to either take out the mercenaries or to evade them by any means necessary which means a combination of stealth and action play.

According to this, just tap on the screen to make him sneak towards that point and double-tap to make him run then attack fellows that you tap on, pick up bodies and hide them where you tap.
On the other word, you play as the silent killer with the night vision and sneaky style through three different game types

Escape type will get you tried to slip out of a stage and reach the exit in one piece
In accordance with that, just improve your night vision and be a stealth ninja while keeping to the shadowy patches to be virtually invisible to the troops patrolling an area.

Using that skill will give the utmost advantage, sneaking up behind these unsuspecting militiaman, and dispatching them one-by-one to get a sure victory.

In Fetch, you get an item on the other end of the board and return them back to a certain spot on the map
So it will be the best to kill the guards on the way to the item, as you will have to drop it and fight against them on the way back.

And Takedown, you eliminate a target on the other side of the map while contending with or avoiding other guards and still getting alive to survive.
In doing that action, try to take out the other guards first.

By standing in the shadows, you will be kept to stay out of the guards’ sight as you will be completely cloaked and lighted up in a yellow silhouette.
When doing your actions, find a good spot where you can take out a guard quickly, then drag his body to the same shadowed area.

If you do not know where the objective is, just find a safe spot and pinch anywhere on the screen because a map will appear highlighting where the exit, fetch item or takedown target is located.

And when you kill a guard, you can pick up a machine gun to shoot one or two guards left on the map.
Noise, whether from running or shooting, will get their attention. If you have two or more to deal with, chances are you’ll die quickly and have to restart the stage

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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