Bucks CR Cheats Ridge Racer Slipstream iPhone

In ridge racer slipstream game, you will have to get more credits cash to equip your car with the best engine, nos and some gears
Here, you will just tilt, tap, and combination of automatic or manual acceleration, so that you will slide around corners, make a drift and chase your rivals on the track.

ridge racer slipstream tips

Surely, races in this game are relatively easy if you manage to spec your ride out with an upgraded engine, nitrous, and running gear, whereby you must win loads of events at a lower level in order to earn more credits that you can use to pimp your ride.

When testing your skill on the track to make a drifting, you will take you a few turns to master.
So when coming into a sharp turn, do not make any acceleration.
Instead, go ahead and start turning your car in the direction of the turn, then just tap the brake.

Then, you will begin to drift as you go into the turn.
At this point, try to keep a handle on your car as you go into it and continue steering in the direction of the turn until you start coming out of it, then compensate by turning slightly the other way.
If you can do this part in order, and you will accomplish your drift without smashing up your car into a wall or another driver along the track.

On the other side, with some good drifts on each track, you can fill up your boost meter
After the meter fills up, you will be let to know so you can use it for a quick boost.
Note that save your boost for that last-second finish line rush, as this can be a challenge while going faster to come to the finish line.

Playing in regular race is your typical “point A to point B” event to the finish line
Meanwhile, Knockout is a multi-lap race where the last place driver is eliminated once each go-around is completed at one time.

Furthermore, going through each event in the game will earn you experience points that will be increased in a total displayed on the main menu.
So try to keep earning these in order to gain access to additional cars and upgrade parts once you reach a certain level.

Over the course of each event, you can unlock credits that you can use to purchase better cars, as well as the premium parts that go with them.
In line with this, you can continue going through racing events to earn some credits as well as learning to master the drifting system.

Once having a good cars, you can get involved to take part in the grand prix event that will test your elite racing skills across over 100 different events.
In addition, taking part in this event will give you a chance of earning credits so that you can unlock cars and premium parts.

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