Rings Boost Bundle Cheats in Sonic Dash iPhone

In sonic dash game, you will have to complete the primary goal to get more rings
When racing through the tropical-themed Seaside Hill with long stretches of grass and a gorgeous blue ocean you must do numerous actions staples, from loops and jump pads to gold rings and those familiar robotic crabs.

sonic dash tips

Meanwhile you have to keep running faster and faster before you are wiping out so that you will accomplish the objective to earn more rings along the way.

Try holding your device vertically to view the action from behind Sonic and perform left and right swipes to guide Sega’s mascot safely across the terrain while focusing on the constantly-changing scenery.
You can also attack while in mid-air by tapping the pesky mechanical fish blocking the way.

You will try struggling for defeating enemies while collecting more rings
Be careful of the bridges and rocks to slide under, bombs to vault over and pits that introduce Sonic to a watery grave. Because of being fast of Sonic Dash moves you have to always plan your next move and the one after that long before reaching whatever obstacles heading you when running through.

When using Sonic’s destructible dash maneuver you will be feeling a thrilling sensation of speed with familiar music playing in the background, and the option to unlock Tails, Knuckles and Amy.

You will also have option in receiving the chance to explore Sky Sanctuary.
Use the power-ups magnet to attract rings and head starts as well

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