Money XP Cheats Riptide GP2 for iPhone

In riptide gp2 game, you can make some dollar cash with your hydro jet through rivers, canals, and other water tracks
Here, you play as a pilot of your powerful Jet Skis around a variety of circuits including a good number of big and small ramps for players to jump in order to pull off a large number of unique stunts.

riptide gp2 tips

You will unlock many stunts if you level up, so you will need points to be spent on buying new stunts each time they level up.
In the beginning of the game, you will begin with a basic hydro jet to race on the water track in which you will struggle to win the first few races to earn some quick cash to upgrade your jet ski for having top speed, acceleration, and boost.
You will also level up to earn cash, used to upgrade your current vehicle and buy additional watercraft.

For such reasons, replaying previously completed races will earn you more cash and XP.
Moreover, you can also score more virtual currency by liking Vector Unit on Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

Once getting enough cash, you can upgrade your vehicle’s attributes, like Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling and Boost to get the first prize of this game.

In addition, finishing in the top three will give you stars, so that you can unlock new races with the number of stars you have along the game.
And you will be able to earn prize money which you can use to trick out your existing machine or put towards buying a better jet ski.

In order to win the race, the implementation of boost will be necessary to be applied correctly.
You will start the race with a full boost meter and you must replenish it by performing stunts.

Meanwhile, the racetracks are in the water where the waves affect your lines into corners, throw you up in the air, and perform various stunts with differing levels of boost to finish first.

Just swipe in various directions on the touchscreen to refill boost by performing stunts in mid-air the use boost on straightaways.
On the other side, try to avoid pressing the boost button while navigating through turns unless you are in the air.

You can also avoid pulling off the same trick repeatedly, as this will affect your ability to refill the boost meter.
Complicated tricks may require bigger air off ramps so that just tap the boost button right before flying up a ramp.

Spending Skill Points will earn you new skills and XP will be needed to reach next level and current number of Skill Points
Just tap your name in the top right corner of the screen to see your XP.

Save every cash to purchase different hydro jets then upgrade weaker models to be the better one whereby upgrades are a very important factor in determining success.

There will be tons of unlockable stunts that you can get through the water race whereby the will need some points and more levels to make it true
And your hydro jets are designed to meet realistic body of water that includes churned water by racers up ahead, accurate pressure when curving, and splashing effects after you land tricks with some boosters.

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