Gold Cheats Rise of Rome on iPhone

In rise of rome rntsmedia game, you must build up your city with taxes collected form citizen and you are in charge of running your own roman city while maintaining an army to defense your city from incoming attacks of your rivals.

rise of rome tips

At the beginning of the game, you should check your city queue to see what can be worked on
To check your available activities, you can tap the button with the hammer on it at the top left.
Checking those activities will come to the list that offers you free collections to gather for the day

In line with this, you will need them if you have any heroes currently training, if your enhancement cooldown is ready, and if you have any buildings currently in construction.

In order to ensure maximum efficiency, you should always make sure that your are working on all of these categories as you need as possible.
As making progresses through the game, you should upgrade some buildings and your heroes
Doing an upgrade is important because everything in this game is time based so you want to make sure you can do all you can do.

On the other side, you must also upgrade your private houses for higher collection taxes
These private houses are where you civilian citizens live.
So if you can bring them in higher level, more citizens will be able to move in and revenue will increase that will come to higher collections
Thus just keep these upgrades to ensure you have a steady supply of copper.

When you start out, you will be given with two heroes to work with which are the one you choose in the beginning, and the one you get during the tutorial.

If you go into the Military screen, you can train your heroes there.
This works when you set an allotted time and that hero will gain experience points as time passes and you do actions.

You can also increase the rate at which they gain experience by using gold, or using an EXP or any gold boost item.
Furthermore, you will be able to get a couple EXP boosters from the tutorial quests, so feel free to use them if you want.
Later on, you will also have the option to “cultivate” your heroes, and that means giving them small bonuses to their stats.

When you tap the Adjust Stats button, you will see + numbers appear next to their base stats in which if they are positive, they will be green, and red for negative one.

You will also be allowed to postpone or confirm these changes if you want
However, remember that every time you roll for bonuses, you will use up 16 contributions, in that it is a currency you earn from winning war battles.
You can also opt to use the higher level version, which uses gold instead, but it will give you higher bonuses as reward.

Whilst training your heroes, you can level up your blacksmith to enhance your gear
Enhancing armor increases defense and weapons attack, and both give more troops.

In the way of enhancing your gear, you must first upgrade your blacksmith to the appropriate level.
Your blacksmith’s current level is the level your gear can be upgraded to.
Gear is the only other way of powering up your heroes aside from training and cultivating, so it will be great to keep their gear updated regularly

Going through some quests will provide you a huge amount of copper when you complete them.
You will get around in the 5000′s range from doing mundane things like upgrading the first armor piece that will come to level 2 so just do these quests

Having more copper will also help you a lot in which the upgrading and building costs are very low, usually below three digits.
Besides completing quests, you should try to finish the areas and defeat the main boss in order to recruit them

When you go through a warzone, you will eventually make it to the enemy leader at the end.
For the first area, you will have to beat Ramses the 2nd.
Once you defeat him, he will be automatically recruited into your party.

At this point, you can do this to obtain new heroes, then train him and equip him just like your other two heroes
In addition, all you have to do in this game is simply to keep all your buildings upgraded, equip your heroes with the strongest equipment possible
Along the game, you should try to defeat all the armies that stand in your way

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