How to Earn More Gemstones in Rival Knights for iPhone

In rival knights, you have to get some bonus coins through some battles you win
This game features gemstones and coins as the main currencies

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In the way of getting those currencies, there will be various performance bonuses that you earn during a battle have more use than just helping you win.

On the other side, you will also earn bonus coins and some bonuses from getting a perfect start, from achieving high speed by getting enough “perfects”, and from nailing a perfect hit with your lance.
And these bonuses will be increased especially when you are grinding for coins.

Furthermore, you must get a perfect hit with a lance and get a perfect shot that will increase your attack for that round, as well as earn yet another coin bonus and almost guarantee a win.

Anyway, participating in many events will earn you the best prizes including Gemstones.
In line with this, you can earn rewards in each of the events in which you have to rank high.
So if you have higher rank, you will get better prize.

To get prizes, you have to rack up participation points, which you earn for every one jousting match that you engage in.
If you have more participation points to rack up, you will earn more coins and potentially gemstones.

You can get social seals the same way that you get royal seals once you run out.
For such reasons, you can ask your allies for social seals and royal seals.

Alternatively, you can set the time ahead in the game to skip the cooldown time and get back some social seals early
However, do not set the time too far ahead or the game will sync with the server, causing you to lose your free seals.
Once you run out of royal seals, you can use Social Seals in form of the blue seals that you can get by participating in various events.

According to this, you will get matched up against different opponents.
If you face higher star rating opponents, you will struggle to beat them.
And as you earn more trumpets, your opponents will become tougher and tougher to beat.

To earn bonus trumpets during the events, you have to beat your opponent in power, speed, and defense, you will get a shutdown bonus of five trumpets.
If your opponent has attacked you before, you will see the word “revenge” next to their name.
Then when you beat them, you will get an additional revenge bonus of five trumpets as well.

In addition, inviting more friends on Facebook to play the game will earn you rewards for what they do in the event modes.
Pick three teammates and for every win they get, you will be able to get one trumpet as bonus.
Plus, every time someone picks you as a teammate and you win, they will also earn one trumpet.

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