Bucks Coins Cards Cheats Rivals at War 2084 for iPhone

In rivals at war 2084 game, you can try to get either bucks or coins cash for free during in the mission
To get free Bucks in this game, you can choose which of the promotional options that you feel the best.

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Having more coins will come to any other way as you can sell off any cards that you no longer need, or are simply duplicates.
You can also tap on the coins icon to go through to a promotional screen to watch trailers in exchange for more money.

This game will rely on collecting cards that determine every team to have more powerful soldiers, equipment, and tactics through card packs.
For such reasons, each team will get stronger and win the battle if they purchase more card packs for even stronger cards.

Meanwhile, you can even earn powerful gear through card packs to equip your soldiers with some items and you will collect a free Silver card pack if you can win five quick matches through the game.

Playing in a campaign mode offers a series of random PvP battles that will give you special rewards upon completing missions.
In order to earn premium currency, bucks, you can take part in the maximum number of Campaign battles 10 either win or lose to earn five bucks.
And at the very least that equates to one Gold pack every two days.

Winning the battle will need your skill of deploying precious tactic cards at the start of the match, in that each one adds a defensive or offensive trick that affects how battle plays out.

Adding new gear to your soldiers will make your team to be a powerful edge in combat.
Just open up the My Team screen, scroll to the soldier you want to enhance, and then tap on the equipment slots to choose from your available Gear cards to apply a new piece of equipment to a squad member.

Afterward, simply go to the My Team screen, select the appropriate soldier, then tap on the piece of equipment to repair equipment as it degrades a little bit after each round of combat you participant in.

Go to the My Team section of the interface, then find any soldiers in a red badge.
Tap on an available slot, then choose from your pile of Skill cards to slot one of them in.

If you find one of your squad needs medic, you can go to the My Team section of the game then find a squad member with a red label
Once doing that, you simply tap on that icon to heal them so that they can be ready for another stunt to accomplish the mission.

Note that before going to shoot any incoming enemy, your duties are to train an elite team of space marines and get them equipped with weapons, helmets and armor.
So give your rival teams a lesson then for for victory and rule the universe once again.

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