Hearts Gems Cheats in Rock Runners iPhone

In rock runner game, all you will do is to run, jump and swing from place to another while grabbing more gems as primary currency in this game

Rock Runners

Here, you will control of an energetic, running, jumping, swinging runner performing an entertaining action of flying.

You will have just to leap across puddles of radioactive goo, swing over gaps using your light-beam grapple, and zip through portals in order to accomplish each stage of every session.

Sprint as fast as possible and set of challenges to accomplish.
After finishing every stage you will earn more gems used to unlock upgrades and new playable characters as well

Playing this game, timing is important as nothing matches the feeling of getting a perfect run.
Simply use all your judgement, timing and quick thinking in order to collect three stars on every stage in this game

Always watch giant machinery churn away at the rock while the character and the obstacle course ahead come to life in dazzling color and light.
Each level in this game has its own set of challenges to get all the stars given to you as reward.
So make your own style when running, jumping and swinging through every level to the next

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