Combo Codes and Wisps Cheats in Ronin iPhone

In ronin game, you will play as a rōnin, a samurai disowned by his master where you will have to fight against bandits, archers, samurais and other yōkai during having a journey in Japanese land.


Ronin puts players to keep running while completing tasks with either dodging around or plowing through various obstacles along the way then jump and attack with a simple finger movement.

Learn the basic moves like swipe up to jump, down to slide, and to the side to slash with the sword then try to make a good combination either in air attacks or sliding attacks naturally.

Make autodash from left to right, swipe to jump, and tap to attack.
Swiping upwards will cause you to jump and swiping downwards will execute a slide maneuver so use these two moves to avoid from enemy while combined with a katana slash that is swipe left to right which dispatches of your enemies in one silky smooth slice.

To keep you from slashing your way through every stage, you have to use the defensive maneuvers to duck under incoming arrows or leap up to drive your katana through an ogre’s skull.

This game will not need something to pay-to-win or virtual money involved so all players will start on equal footing and make a progress at their own rate.

As the Ronin having missions through an area’s various hazards your ronin will need to snag wisps that function as both score boosters and power-up fuel or transform into your invincible spirit animal.

Completing each mission will allow you to collect wisps that is the energy needed to develop and use your powers to complete a string of missions, like rescuing trapped peasants or destroying the emperor’s propaganda posters.

As a ronin you will make your way through the 5 lands with a different enchanting atmosphere of each land while helping each other you meet to accomplish their missions and collect as many wisps as you can in order to max your powers.

During completing your mission you will face over 100 different waves of enemies that appear at random including hostile enemies ranging from angry peasants to giant earth-moving ogres.

Ronin’s strengths will be relied upon in the multitude of upgrades both passive and active that can be unlocked as your main character levels up and gets skill points.

By doing some upgrades you can change your ronin into a wolf for a temporary burst of incredible speed or make him more durable and able to absorb an extra hit before going down.

Try to the passive slowdown ability that slows time down when approaching tough enemies and gives players a few extra vital fractions of a second to perform your action.

Once players start to level-up and unlock some extra abilities Ronin will really fun to play so when your ronin levels up, you have to unlock the slow motion passive skill.

Winning every fight in each stage will unlock the 9 destructive skills that have a great impact on the outcome of each stage whereby secondary missions that improve your score are hidden in each stage as well.

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