Golden Trophies Cheats Royal Defenders for iPhone

In royal defenders game, you must accomplish each objective to earn more trophies and stone defenders
Also, you have to protect the princess or royal person where you can also steal a kiss from them.

royal defenders tips

On the other side, you will keep keep her safe throughout the game.
As in several others tower defense games, you will be assigned to collect and use different defenders in order to defeat the monsters that want to take the princess away from you.

Anyway, the game itself may not be the deepest tower defense game around but it will be charming you and engaging as well.
Furthermore, you will also struggle to collect some Trophies through each stage
Each stage in Royal Defenders comes with three trophies, which are awarded once certain objectives within the stage are completed successfully.

And these objectives are quite varied that can make each stage more interesting.
In line with this, you must make sure to check out these objectives before the actual stage begins because there is no way to check out them during the course of the stage.

Meanwhile, you will be able to collect another special trophy in each and every stage.
At this point, you can get The Golden Trophy if you can manage to complete each stage with the princess not getting hit along the game.

Throughout the game, you will have to deal with some waiting time in this game.
Therefore, you will run out of lives and are forced to wait for them to get regenerated fully.

For such reasons, there is a simple way to replenish them without waiting or using real money
All you will have to do is to simply set your device’s clock 45 minutes ahead, then go back into the game and you have to change it once again to the real time.
Doing so will regenerate your lives instantly without waiting within some time periods

After going through battles in many levels, the excitement of the battle is refreshed with newly appeared enemies and defenders plus the different play field.

You will be given option to quicken the game pace by simply hitting the acceleration button and rush enemies between waves directly.
Later on, after each mission, you will receive some training points that can be used to improve your defenders along the way.

As a general rule, it will be better to use them on defenders that come with long range attacks and those who can attack multiple enemies at the same time.

In the mean time, you can upgrade any defender type you like without having to worry about screwing up, whereby your strategy can be effective even without the use of the defenders mentioned above.

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