MKP Gold Cheats RPG Machine Knight for iPhone

In rpg machine knight game, you play as Bell and Aulin to help Frain to find the truth learning various jobs and skills, then collecting materials to create and enhance your weapons as you explore perilous dungeons and complete challenging quests.

rpg machine knight tips

On the other side, you will also be able to build your own characters by using the “Machina Board” to learn skills and jobs in which it also features an intuitive battle system, and other elements such as collecting materials to build and upgrade weapons while playing various sub quests and exploring extra dungeons.

You can equip machina blast armor for Aulin by putting leather armor on her then upgrade to machina blast and although it says she cannot wear it but she can do it.

When going to the near of the second half of game, the airship will come to the end, so you have to go into as many battles as possible in the new areas to fight against the tough enemies in order to collect a lot of gold and exp.

If you do so at the airship that will have well-stocked equipment from Froya via airship before entering, you will have a chance of earning a ton of money and 4k-20k+ exp that is based on what you face.

Moreover, you will also get skill points in one battle whereby it will lead you to level your hero quickly, and you can max out your skill levels easily.
Note that if you have the better quality or higher job class or the skill, you will get more exp points because of this.

In order to get ex points fast, you have to find a door and a robot that can heal you when you go right after you pass the first laser wall on the airship

Then just exit the room and walk back and forth to kill monsters to add your exp points again
When exploring the snowy spirit fountain, you can talk to folks and follow the red flowers to find spirit fountain

When being in Passage to Haltea Castle, you can talk to the nun in the church as she will tell you to go talk to someone else.
Then simply follow the trail orderly till you get to the inn keeper so that you can open the passage to haltea castle by doing so.

In order to get back to the castle, you can do following path if you stuck in chasmus
Firstly, you have to save the sailor then go to Cureo Castle and find the spirit stone of earth.
Once finding the stone, just go the spirit fountain that is above Haltea castle.

When being there, try to find a path which is in north direction at right side of screen.
Afterward follow the red bushes in that path to go to the right direction.

Try to go out of the Cave of surf sound
Finish the part where you have to drain the water
The Switches are to move different pillars throughout the cave to access different treasure chest in that you have to find the missing man who gives you a ship
In order to exit that place, you go back to the previous castle and talk to the king as surf sound is for the thing to find a lost boy.

Try to find the ‘switch’ in the small cave to get the niter
Just continue through the cave to find the switch and focus on the environment to find spots.

Finding the way back through the holy mountain to get to Chasmus castle on mission 12 is just to walk around and kill numerous monsters then go to the upper side of the dungeon and explore the caves.
In addition, one of them will take you to the Chasmus side of the mountain and follow the rest of the path anyway.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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