How to get Battery Power Cores RunBot for iPhone

When playing runbot game, all you will do is to keep running while collecting battery for your energy
Here, you will play as a robot running from those who want to use you as a killer in war.

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During your run, you will do something to complete your goal like shooting your lasers to kill the drones and rolling under or jumping over obstacles.
So, try to run further in order to get high rank in this game.

You simply play in the Hardcore mode, rather than in the Casual mode in order to get your rank higher in quick time.
However, if you want to collect more batteries you can play the casual mode, as it will be easier to actually run a longer distance and collect batteries.

Spending batteries on upgrades will help you earn more batteries first.
For such reasons, using magnet is a good idea to pick up batteries that are not even in your lane along the track.

Having more upgrades will help you last any longer, so that you will get a chance of collecting more batteries if you last longer.
In line with this, you have to go for the purple batteries first as they will increase your energy more.

While running, all you have to do is merely to shoot your laser at any time, not just right when you get to the drones.
Moreover, you have to shoot your laser early on to blast drones that are far away from you.

Meanwhile, always jump or roll with the button swipe up or down to do these moves and you will have to do before you get to whatever obstacle you are trying to avoid.

Furthermore, swipe to whatever side you need to get to early, because some walls move forward to get you and use your shield to protect from it.
In addition, auto-shields, health buffs, and even a jetpack will make your run a little easier and a lot more fun over time.

During the play, you must consider more than just dodging obstacles in that you have limited energy reserves, and you must collect plenty of battery packs as you run.

Once getting those battery packs, you can use them to upgrade RunBot‘s capabilities, and it will make you easy to run and avoid obstacles during your run.
Thus, try to stay alive for any longer during your run to get the more experience points and to level up your robot.

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