Gold Cheats in Ravensword Shadowlands on iPad

In ravensword shadowlands game, you will be the last survivor of an epic battle at Heronmar
Here, you are awake in the peaceful city of Aven and you have to meet with the Archmage in order to find the three Ravenstones and to help you discover the Ravensword, then defeat the evil entity from the Shadowlands.

ravensword shadowland guides

You will have missions to help troubled citizens involving rescuing non-player characters and escorting them to safety while grabbing a specific item as a reward

You have to tackle enemies with terrifying beasts such as trolls, dinosaurs, goblins and more that will appear from nowhere

By completing your missions you will get valuable items like meat, gold and other precious things.
In addition you can equip a wide variety of power-ups including runes and rings.

You can sell axes, swords, shields, armor, pendants, runes and potions if you really need gold to buy more power ups.

You can spend Attribute Points to increase Strength, Agility, Endurance and Vigor
On another side Talent Points go towards Combat, Magic and Stealth, along with General skills including Acrobatics, Riding for mounts and Quickness.

Just explore a vast and richly detailed world, gather various powerful weapons such as Bows, Crossbows, Hammers, Swords, Axes, collect hundreds of items, increase your skills and follow a deep storyline to solve the mysteries of the Kingdom of Tyreas.

Combat is the usual hack-and-slash affair, made possible via Energy determining how many strikes you string together in rapid succession.

You will fight against stronger enemies with little guidance on how to make the character a more efficient killing machine.

The combat largely has players switching between their melee weapon of choice, with selective magic attacks and a ranged weapon to use during battle.
Prepare and choose your own swords, shields, equipment, and magic spells.

Try to go into stealth mode, pull out a bow and arrow, shoot it at an unaware foe for additional damage, and then watch as they will make a damage in enemies before they get picked off.
Afterward you can switch to a melee weapon and strategically pick them off in that it will level up your skill by using your bows with melee weapons and defense.

You have to upgrade your weapons to continue through the main quest.
Try to defeat a wide variety of enemies including goblins, trolls, yetis, bears, wolves, boars, and even dinosaurs with all providing some in your face action.

Pick the best weapon is absolutely essential for most of the larger beasts and you need to complete some side quests before battling through the main quest.

Try to use a crossbow and some magic spells then upgrade your main attributes as well as special talents that allow you to focus on speed, defense, or one of the three attack styles.

You can unlock new weapons and explore every place then level up your character in natural way by trying to complete every missions in the game.

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