Extra Gold Cards Cheats in I AM MT Card Battle on iPhone

In order to get some free runes during i am mt card battle game, you can simply download the game before May 12 to earn about 300 Runes and if this game reaches 10k, 50k of a download milestone, you will also receive runes

i am mt card battle guides

On the other side, you can get about 100 Runes every time you include your player ID in your comment.
Try to get 100 Runes by following @locojoy_games and write #iammt with your player ID

You can get some cards through the battle then summon them to defeat even the toughest bosses.

The rarity of cards in this game are divided into six star grades and five color grades.

There will be also nine card classes categorized into three types: Tank, DPS and Healer.
Note that each card belongs to a job class with its own unique skill sets and stats.

You can level up those cards to gain better stats
Therefore, you can refine the unwanted cards using gold in order to level up a card.

Once reaching the top level, rarer cards can also be upgraded in star grades to gain superiority in every way.
You can collect some extra cards and gold through exploring instance dungeons and challenging bosses.

Just try challenging dungeon monsters in battle to have a chance of getting more extra cards.
In each dungeon, you will be facing three waves of enemies and fighting in a turn-based manner.

You can manage a battle team which consists of up to six cards.
Before doing so, you will have to choose five cards from the collection and invite a stranger friend to join in your card.

When the battle begins, your cards will be going to battle against enemies automatically, while the cards of different classes will be duly performing their functions.

For such reason, you have to control the battle mainly through the arrangement of the team in that the cards line up in two rows during the battle.

To get the best strategy in the battle, you can try to place the tank class and warrior on the front to attract the enemies’ attack, then put the DPS and healer class on the back.

In addition, you can invite your friends from Facebook then take your friends’ best cards into battle while collecting daily rewards and events

So simply add as many friends as possible and engage in PvP battle online or fight against bosses together to earn more rare cards

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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