Diamonds Cheats Samurai Siege for iPhone

When playing samurai siege game, you must accomplish each task then go to war for having your victory and more diamonds
Here, you will have the main task to defend your village against hordes of enemy ninjas, samurai, and creatures then bring peace to the village.

samurai siege tips

For such reasons, you will have to try harder to build your village into a mighty stronghold
After having through a long day training in the hills, you must build your village, train powerful units like Samurai, Ninjas, and monsters that will take part in invading the other village and defending your village as well.

Once all you have done for those tasks, you can lead your army of Samurai, Ninjas, Battering Rams and fantastic monsters of the East to get glory in the combat and collect diamonds used to do some upgrades

You will get involved in epic real-time strategy battle system that allows you to deploy troops on ground and air
Moreover, in order to get back up in the combat, you will be able to join forces with other players to create the most powerful Alliance

When going to epic alliance wars, you will fight together against other players online to earn additional valuable rewards and compete to dominate the realm.

By joining or creating an alliance, you can share troops and talk about strategies before going to pvp battle online
In order to expand your territory, you will travel across a vast world map and raid NPC villages for loot resources

In the way of your journey, you will go through a mystical world to battle through multiple environments including lush forests, snowy mountains, and deserts for one reason that is to take over the other villages and their resources.

In addition, collecting some valuable items will be needed to build your own village
Therefore, you will declare war on rival Alliances and search live opponents then fight against other players from around the world to capture loot and steal rare items as rewards bonus

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