How to Get Scores to Recruit Sorority Members in Tap Campus Life iPhone

Tricks to get house and style score quickly in tap campus life game ios android
Adding special items to rooms to have house scores
Level up your style score by always obtaining new clothes

Campus Life on iPhone

Remember to have the required number of members living in your sorority house first in order to unlock items to be placed in your house.

Always purchasing clothing items to increase your style scores.
Make sure to have a specified style score first to attract some recruits to join your sorority house.

Always add decorative items to a room in your sorority house to level up your house scores.
Remember as several recruits will not join until you have a minimum house score.

Steps to recruit sorority members fast in this game
Always working toward recruiting young women into your sorority.
Always purchase items in the store which will be used to catch their interest over time if their name is in blue.

If their name is in gold just spend diamonds on the recruit so she will join your sorority right away.
You have a lot of work first in order to choose the person you wish to recruit.

Make sure that you meet the style or house score of that particular person.
Pay attention in how much money that person will earn over time for the sorority house. Each sorority member has a different statistics.

Try to earn 235 recruit points first in order the person with smiley face will join your sorority.
Try to complete an activity first in order to get the points earned and to get a point level increased.

Join the “Pizza Party” to get your social function completed before the points are earned.
Tap lightning bolt icons next to each female to socially interact with the potential recruit in order to add the recruit points to the overall score.

Keep doing these social functions to have enough points to convince the recruit to join.
As a result if they really join they will earn you additional recruit points, and a large cash bonus as well as earning money for you at various intervals from now on.

Try to use diamonds to recruit someone to avoid a lot of the requirements
By doing so they will earn you a higher amount of money per hour if they join your sorority.

Do checking the requirements of all applicants before you make a determination.
Stick to the targets and gather your returns then touch in it to own all of these included with the completes.

Collect funds out of your members frequently.
Get some new representative’s training to help keep a great deal of cash entering your club residence.
Try to use gems to update jobs since this could keep paying off over time.

Check your targets before you expand and buy the terrain inside the proper area.
If you have a social function be sure to tap up about all lightning bolt icons over and over until they disappear.

Get cash to buy items such as land expansion, rooms, décor, clothing items, parties, fundraisers, education points and more.

Get diamonds to buy privileges in the game such as instant completion of expansions, social gatherings, education points and premium items to place in your sorority house as well as premium clothing items that will impress potential recruits.

Purchase more land and then more rooms to add on until you have built a fully functioning sorority house.
Try to recruit as many young women as possible into your sorority as well as building your sorority house
Finding jobs for your sorority sisters can contribute to reinvest into the house.

Prepare and buy clothing for the multiple parties and charity events
By doing so your sorority house will be holding to recruit new members and make more money to invest in the house.

Complete the goal to earn cash or earn pink diamonds for completion of a goal.
Go into the goal menu then tap on the “Collect reward” button before it will be added to your totals.

Collecting funds will be done by a young woman of your sorority member to earn money for you.
Collect these funds by tapping on the dollar bill icon over the head of any woman walking around the sorority house.

The collected money will be reinvested into the sorority house used to purchase clothing and to have great parties to attract more members.

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