The Best Score Cheats Scuba Dupa on iPhone

Scuba Dupa is is an endless runner or diver game where you will get to play as Helmut who is on a mission of collecting as many pearls as he can

scuba dupa high score tips

Early on the game, try to change the controls that fit your style
Normally, you will take a control of Helmut by tilting your iDevice left and right.

But, if you are uncomfortable with default control, you can change it by tapping the settings button at the top left on the main menu to access the options.
Here, you can use touch controls as they give you much more precision than tilt controls.

Anyway, if you are using tilt controls, try to tilt slowly to move Helmut.
Crazy movement will most likely swerve you into the wall!

And, this is the same for touch controls
So try to tap lightly and precisely for careful movement as the underwater tunnels are narrow that get you to be exact on your moves.

Similar to other endless runners, the layout of the underwater tunnels will be varied every time you play, but the variation does not seem to be too drastic.

You will find some segments that you will see almost every run, like the green pipe maze, and these segments will usually be the same.
It will help you keep some of these parts memorized so you will know what will be coming up.

After making some progresses of a couple runs, you will be able to unlock the item shop, so that you can purchase costumes and power ups in exchange for pearls.
Tapping helmets will allow you to take an extra hit before you go down, Shrinkers decrease Helmut’s size, and the Pearl Magnet attracts pearls to you.

Meanwhile, you will need to be premium in order to buy these power ups.
Sometimes, the game will throw an advertisement at you so if you watch the whole thing, you are able to get an item.
Doing so will get you to get power ups besides outright buying them

Furthermore, this game is a kind of challenging one as the tiniest nick will send Helmut to his doom. Playing this game more often will speed up your movements so that you will be quick and precise.
In addition, concentration is the key as you will always move the character while looking at pearls scattered along the way.

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