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You can earn more coins through the quests in secret passages hidden objects game where you can trade artifacts for coins.
Meanwhile, you can dig sites to earn free gems and coins in that repairing a dig site will earn you a nice gem bonus.

secret passages hidden objects gems tips

Therefore, you will find either flashlights or something to repair the dig site, and especially in dig sites that are already repaired will earn gems and coins by digging it.

Moreover, in order to collect a lot of gems, you can try completing the quests in the right amount of time, they will give a bunch of gems, and some coins at one time.
So get those quests completed in the right time to get those currencies

To play each stage in the game, you will absolutely need energy but it just runs out too fast, so that you will have to wait a few minutes of playtime to get more of it.

For such reasons, all you have to do to get free energy is to dig around the dig sites using the shovels while searching for energy-regenerating items.

The candy bar will give you 25 energy
The coffee will give you 50 energy
The super fruit will give you back 100 energy

With having enough shovels, you will be allowed to search in dig sites for many kinds of goods.
To get more shovels without having to pay for them, play stages. Each time that you
In line with this, you will have to play a stage regularly to increase the shovel’s bar, and when it fills up it will reset that will give you three free shovels.

If you have higher score, you will get more the bar fills
Therefore, try to play the same stages time and time again so that you memorize where every object is
By doing so, you simply tap them more quickly in order to refill the shovel gauge quicker.

More relics mean more coins as you can trade them for coins used to unlock new stages.
In order to get more relics, you will struggle to have higher score on a particular stage

As a result, you have to beat it quicker so that the more of the same relic will tend to pocket after you complete the stage.
According to that words, you have to pocket multiples of each relic, as the trades change all of the time in the trade store.

Furthermore, you can unlock new relics for old stages in the game.
Just tap on the stage that you want to unlock new relics and a certain amount of coins will be needed to do so.

Afterward, go to that stage and play it while finding the new relic, then earn it for your cache of artifacts after you beat the stage.
In this step, it will be better to wait until later in the game to do this.

In addition, in order to maximize the quantity of relics that you earn every time you play, you can rounds and memorize the location of objects
Then do your best on a round, to earn more relics.
On the other side, build up a large cache of relics to open up trade, so that you can trade relics for having coins in this game.

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