Complete The Goal to Get Extra Gems in Shadow Fight 2 for iPhone

Shadow Fight 2 is the combination of fighting game mechanics with RPG elements where you will take a role as a brand new ninja, which has to fight through a seemingly endless array of rival ninjas, fighters and demons in order to be the top ninja in the land.

shadow fight 2 tips

During the fight, you only have five energy max at a time
And, each time you fight, you use one of your energy points either you win or lose.

In the way of getting your energy back, you normally have to buy more energy or watch an ad video in order to earn more.
Because of this, you can regenerate your energy instantly by setting the time ahead in your phone.
Afterward, go back to the game and it will be refilled as you want.
After getting your energy back, you can set the date and time back to normal, and go back to the game to have your energy still be there.

Practicing all of your attacks with the punching bag will perfect the timing and the execution.
Learn your attacks and your moves that you need to do in order to pull them off.
Then purchase a new weapon, because each weapon has its own set of moves that you need to practice.

When battling with opponent, try to watch for the enemy to attack, and choose a different attack depending on the distance and what you are trying to accomplish.

At the same time, you can go back them off with kicks of various heights.
Kicks are great for an easy setup batch of hits, but punches and weapon strikes are what do the real damage, so set those up with the kicks or simply with good timing.

In order to earn more coins, all you will do is to go to the duel or the survival round and play for awhile to earn more them
Once collecting enough coins, you can then use them to upgrade your weapons, armor and helmet or to purchase new ones.
Usually, you will gather a source of free gems when you level up your experience by completing the various achievements.

In line with this, just hit the “menu” button, hit the fourth button from the top, then the icon that looks like a prize ribbon at the bottom of the screen
From there, you will see your achievements and you can also claim them as your bonus rewards.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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